Club Culture

ASME NIT Rourkela’s HPVC Team, Blue Streak participated in the inaugural HPVC India, held earlier this year at IIT Delhi, and also proved its mettle the HPVC East, 2014, held in Florida, USA. ASME NIT Rourkela Chapter is also one of the most respected student sections in ASME SDOB India.
Axiom, The Mathematics club is responsible for introducing topics that portray Math applications in the real world. Over the years it has conducted various Business Simulation, Vedic Mathematics and Analytics workshops. It also brings out its annual Mathematical Gazette – Vilokanam to keep the students updated with the recent developments in mathematics.
Civil Engineering Students’ Technical Club (CEST) works to sustain and nurture the enthusiasm of students of NIT Rourkela about Civil Engineering and facilitate their professional growth. This Club reinforces the knowledge attained during classes through interesting activities. The Students find themselves exposed to different areas of Civil Engineering and also engage in teamwork learning and helping others.
The Club for Automation and Robotic Control (Cyborg) is an independent entity to serve the interest of students of the institute in the field of automation design and robotic control. Over the years, Cyborg has evolved from conducting workshops, to contrive as well as participate in a myriad of robotics contests on the national and international levels.
E-CELL (Entrepreneurship Cell) works to promote entrepreneurship in the region and also to provide incubation and funding through a venture capitalist to nurture budding ideas and aspiring entrepreneurs. The club organizes workshops, awareness camps etc. apart from its flagship event NES, National Entrepreneur Summit conducted annually.
SPAWN is the official Coding CLub of NIT Rourkela.Students from first years are prepared for competitive programming challenges.It organises Hackathons, Workshops and Contests all around the year on different technical fields.
The SAE collegiate club at NIT Rourkela, a student branch of SAE International, is promising to combine research, development, design, manufacture and utilization of vehicles which operate on land, water, air and space. The members indigenously design an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and Formula Type Racing Vehicle annually and compete in BAJA SAE and Supra SAE respectively, both national level competitions along with conducting various workshops and design competitions.
The Microsoft Club established by the Campus Connect Program of Microsoft India is a unique initiatives to build better industry-student interface. It is run by the MSPs (Microsoft Student Partner), who are selected by Microsoft India under a rigorous process. The activities of the club aim to increase the awareness of the latest developments in the technological field.
AASRA is an absolutely non-profit organization with the sole objective of spreading smiles in the faces of poor children. The group members visit underprivileged social communities like orphanages, leprosy colonies and special care homes and carry out various humanitarian works. The Rotaract and Leo clubs are immediate extrapolations of the parent organizations, Rotary and Lions Club International respectively, with a noble vision of universal service. These clubs work with a number of NGOs helping them out on fund-raising issues, in working effectively and in promoting the idea of humanitarian relief.
The Literary and Debating Club of NIT, Rourkela, Clarion conducts events, competitions and workshops related to public speakingand writing along with organizing Mock debates and other elocution competitions. It has been continuously organising the Parliamentary Debate every year and its members have represented the Institute at various national level events.
Various student interests, hobbies and passions of the students are catered to by SAC. Aspiring musicians are provided with ample scope and musical instruments. Various student bands at NITR like Euphony, Heartbeats, Almost Honest and Holocaust light up the stage during various events and functions. Synergy and Mavericks are the two dance groups, which set the stage at NITR on fire. Pantomime, the performing-arts group conduct various street plays and productions to entertain the NITR crowd.
Inspired by Mastermind India and Bournvita Quiz Contest shows, Inquizzitive and Episteme are the two quiz clubs which conduct regular quizzing sessions for interested and aspiring quizzers. Quizzers from NITR have won in national-level quizzing events at IIT Kharagpur, Symbiosys Institute of Business Management and Mahindra Auto-Quotient.
Published every Monday, Monday Morning is the official institute weekly e-newsletter / media body which brings in the latest news, views and happenings from around the campus. It provides the perfect platform for interaction between the administration and the students, with regular interviews of Director, Deans and even the student representatives. Featured by Careers360 magazine, published by Outlook under the article ‘Campus Journalism in India’ and garnering more than 1.5 lakh unique visits from across the world in the academic year 2011-12, it moreover helps the alumni stay in touch with the latest happenings at their alma mater.
Third Eye is an amateur level Photography Club aimed at nurturing talent and setting standards in the art of photography. It is aimed at introducing the fundamental skills in photography mechanics while exploring the possibility of photographs as a visual language. The cinematics club’s ethos is all about having fun with videography and to provide an association of like-minded people to enjoy, share and advance their creative skills.
MES organises Minare, the annual geo-mining fest of NIT Rourkela and the Annual Alumni Meet of the Mining Department. The other activities, which include workshops on mining software and other, have helped develop the skills of the students.